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The end is nigh for passwords and satellite dishes

Technology rules our lives these days. So what will 2018 bring? Here are five things to expect over the next 12 months. Read more

Ireland up in global economic table – but Asia on the rise

Ireland has risen two places in a global economic ranking, but is expected to fall over the next decade as Asian economies leapfrog those in the west. Read more

Five ways to spruce up your finances in the New Year

Save thousands by changing how you use your TV and phone, and by becoming more tech-savvy with bills, writes Louise McBride. Read more

Why the global rush for bitcoins could end up costing us the earth

Existing only in the digital sphere but currently worth a fortune, it is the virtual currency that has gone mainstream in recent weeks. Read more

Festive season presents challenges for employers who want to reward staff for efforts

Q I have an accounts person who does one day a week for my company.  Read more

Bitcoin for dummies: Adrian Weckler’s guide to Bitcoin

Thanks to its 1,200pc rise over the last six weeks, there’s something of a Bitcoin mania afoot. Read more

Chaos as Bitcoin has debut on Wall Street

Bitcoin futures surged as much as 26pc in their debut session on Cboe Global Markets’s exchange, triggering two temporary trading halts designed to calm the market. Initial volume  Read more

How Irish households are most at risk in Europe from ECB rate hike

Irish householders and firms are most at risk of a looming interest rate hike by the European Central Bank compared to any other country in the EU, a leading Government think tank has warned. Read more

Self-administered pensions can lend via ‘P2P’ platform

Holders of self-administered pensions will be able to invest in so-called peer to peer (P2P) lending to Irish SMEs under a new scheme launched by Linked Finance. Read more

How to ensure your Christmas donations are put to best use

Don’t let recent scandals put you off contributing to Irish charities – but do your research so your money goes to the right place. Read more